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Terms Of Service

"QualityTips4U" Terms of Service:

1. "QualityTips4U" is a service that provides sports betting tips to its customers and these tips are author's opinions about the outcome of sport events. 

2. "QualityTips4U" can't be held responsible if some tips are incorrect - even though we always try to find the best possible tips with highest probability, incorrect tips may & will occur. 

3. "QualityTips4U" will not make any refunds - all purchases are non-refundable. "QualityTips4U" may offer a free subscription extension if more than 50% of our football (singles) tips were incorrect in 1 month period. Prices and availability of tips can change without previous notice.

3-1. Re-selling QualityTips4U is strictly forbidden and in such case your subscription will be immediately terminated once we've got the proof, without previous notice & no refunds will be made. 

4. "QualityTips4U" package consists of - paid football tips (singles) & doubles. From time to time, we will add even more options & even more tips and these categories will be given with corresponding subscription packages - these tips (such as NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL...) are not ours and we can stop providing these when our source stops providing these tips to us. We are paying for these tips and they are 3rd party tips so we can't guarantee for these tips - also, we have no obligation to keep these stats up to date but we will do our best to update as often as possible.

5. "QualityTips4U" free subscription extension will be given to subscribers if more than 50% of our football singles in 1 month period were incorrect. In case of such month, subscribers with long term subscriptions & full package will have their subscriptions extended for 1 more month (free of charge).  *** Postponed matches will be counted as correct tips since there is no loss. 

6. "QualityTips4U" is offering various types of subscription and with each subscription type you will get guaranteed number of tips (for 7 days subscription - at least 10 tips, for 30 days subscription - at least 30 tips...). Please note that during summer, because of small number of matches (June, July) minimum amount of tips per month is 5, although we will give our best to provide as many tips as possible.

7. "QualityTips4U" is always trying to offer you the best possible tips but incorrect tips still may & will happen and this is a normal thing in sports betting. If, in such case, you send "QualityTips4U" curse words, swear or use bad language of any kind your subscription will be terminated. 

8. "QualityTips4U" will never show, share or sell our subscribers' email address, name or any other information to third party.

9. "QualityTips4U" does not provide gaming or gambling services on site. It is a sports information website, while odds and betting tips are part of that information. Do not forget to check the laws and regulation in your own country to find if you are allowed to bet, as the laws differ from country to country.

10. By sending us payment for subscription & becoming "QualityTips4U" subscriber, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, accept  & will behave in accordance with this website's Terms of Service. 

Terms of Service updated on: 01.01.2016


All tips will be delivered to you 6 or more hours before match starts. All tips will be delivered to email address of your choice and it can be changed if needed.

Terms Of Service

Before you purchase QualityTips4U membership, please read our Terms Of Service. If you become our subscriber, that means that you have read and accepted our Terms Of Service.


If more than 50% of our paid football tips are incorrect (in 1 month period) you will receive next month's subscription for free! Please visit FAQ for more info.