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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all Frequently Asked Questions & Answers regarding QualityTips4U and betting in general.

Q: How many tips will I receive if I decide to purchase QualityTips4U subscription?
A: You will receive at least 10 tips for 1 week period (usually more). If we can't provide you with at least 5 tips in a 7 days period your subscription will be automatically extended until you receive required amount of tips from us.

Q: Is there any kind of guarantee?
A: Yes, if we miss more than 50% of paid football tips in 1 month period you will receive free tips (depending on your subscription type, please check ouf TOS for more info)

Q: Tips will be delivered how and when?
A: All tips will be delivered to QualityTips4U subscribers 6-24 hours before kick-off of the selected event, via email.

Q: On main page, I see "3+" tip - what is that?
A: That tip means that we placed a bet "over 2.5 goals" on selected event. If you see tip "0-2" that means that we placed a bet "under 2.5 goals".

Q: Can I re-sell QualityTips4U tips?
A: No, you can't. If you are QualityTips4U subscriber and you post our tips on forums or websites and we find that out, your QualityTips4U subscription will be terminated immediately.

Q: If you miss some tips, can I curse you via email?
A: No, you can't. Betting is not "100% predictable" and incorrect tips are a part of sports betting. If you send us email and you curse us or you use bad language your subscription will be terminated.

Q: Will I receive plain tips or tips with analyses?
A: We will send you tips with analyses, reasoning, possible line-ups and current odds because we want to show you why we chose to bet on that sporting event. However (especially during summer months) when we have tips from less popular leagues and when all info is not available, we may send tips without analyses and probable lineups.

Q: Many similar services use stake system, QualityTips4U is the same?
A: No, actually we don't tell you how much money you should bet with. All our tips are sent without suggested stake but anyway our recommended stake for each bet is 5 out of 10 units (or simply 50%) of your maximum stake per bet.

Q: I couldn't find answer for my question here, what should I do?
A: Contact us, send us an email and tell us your question - your email will be replied & your question answered in less than 3 hours.

Updated: 01.02.2015

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All tips will be delivered to you 6 or more hours before match starts. All tips will be delivered to email address of your choice and it can be changed if needed.

Terms Of Service

Before you purchase QualityTips4U membership, please read our Terms Of Service. If you become our subscriber, that means that you have read and accepted our Terms Of Service.


If more than 50% of our paid football tips are incorrect (in 1 month period) you will receive next month's subscription for free! Please visit FAQ for more info.