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08.12.2014 - Summary & news


It was a turbulent start of December for us, not if we talk about results, it was more about the problem we had with our hosting. QualityTips4U was offline for about 12 hours because of someone's complaint against us but when Blogger reviewed our website - everything went back to normal. Now, everything is better than before - everything that's posted on QualityTips4U website is also posted on our second hosting and daily backups are made so there is no way we can lose any post/stats.

To get back on topic - we had 9 paid tips so far and 6 were correct, 8 out of 11 free tips were correct, while 1/1 NFL tip was correct. That's a good result, although it could have been better if we were a bit more lucky.

What to expect in next 7 days? Well, we'll start this week with paid tip for Monday (2.00) and we will have one tip for each day till Friday - then, two tips for both Saturday and Sunday. Free tips will be posted as always, at least one tip for each day. Last week we decided not to send basketball tips but we will now send at least 1 basketball tip to our subscribers, and there should be one more. About NFL tips - we will have at least two tips but there is a big chance that there will be 3 NFL tips. Just to make things clear - NFL & basketball tips are free of charge for QualityTips4U subscribers and these tips are not available for visitors.

As I said before, big discounts won't be available until Christmas. Anyway, there is 5% discount for subscription extension and one more promo - price for 90 days subscription will be lower than usual until 09.12.2014 00:00. Prices can be found HERE.

As always, you can contact us via Live Support 24/7 or you can send us emails - we are always available to answer all your questions regarding QualityTips4U.

Have a great week, cheers! 

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