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14.12.2014 - Upcoming Week


This was a really tough weekend for us, we had 4 paid football tips and 2 were correct, while 1 of 2 NFL tips was correct. I hate to talk about chances and luck but if you saw game in Milan or Baltimore you'll know why I'm saying this.

About upcoming week - there won't be paid tip for Monday because I couldn't find any match worth betting on. Paid football tips will continue on Tuesday (2.05), then we will continue the same way till Friday (1 paid football tip for each day) and then like always - two paid tips for Saturday & two more for Sunday. During the week, we will send you at least one basketball tip and for next Sunday - two NFL tips.

Just to add - we are well aware that results are not great lately (11 out of 18 correct in December, 61.11% success rate) but please - we are doing our best to bounce back and make as much profit as we can. Sending us emails and insulting us won't help anyone. Things are not great but 61.11% success ratio is not something that bad, and I am positive that this percent will only go up till the end of this month. I don't even want to mention this but anyway - if less than 50% of our paid football tips are correct you will get next month's subscription free of charge. So, once again - please be patient and give us your support when we need it.

If you have questions about QualityTips4U contact us via Live Support or email, we'll be happy to reply.


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If more than 50% of our paid football tips are incorrect (in 1 month period) you will receive next month's subscription for free! Please visit FAQ for more info.