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23.01.2015 - Current week info


We had 4 paid tips so far this week and unfortunately only one was correct. I've watched Genk-Peruwelz today and Napoli-Udinese yesterday. So many chances on both games but - only two goals. I don't know what's happening but this is the worst bad streak we ever had at QualityTips4U (even before QualityTips4U started, I never had such bad streaks). Situation with free tips is much better - we had 6 free tips this week (so far) and 5 were correct. One basketball tip was available for today, and it was also correct

As you know, paid football tips for Saturday and Sunday (2 for each day, 2.05 & 2.05, 1.80 & 2.05) were already sent to QualityTips4U subscribers and BA surveillance and hopefully results will be much better for us. Also, free tips for Saturday and Sunday (two for each day) were posted in advance and you can find them HERE.

I said it once, and I'll say it once again - this is the worst streak ever, and I can't describe how I feel. We're all losing money, and that is the biggest problem. I can understand your anger because I'm also pissed but that won't help any of us. Because some of you asked let me explain what will happen now. As you can see in our TOS (Terms Of Service), if we finish any month with less than 50% correct paid tips (and looks like that will be the case at the end of January) all QualityTips4U subscribers with long term subscriptions will receive free subscription extension for 1 month. So, if you are our subscriber with valid subscription you will receive all February tips free of charge. All you have to do is - send us an email with "Free Extension" in subject field and your subscription will be extended.

Just to add that I've received many emails full of trash talk, curses and similar. At first I was really disappointed and angry but now (after removing 4 subscribers because of such emails) I really can't care less about such insults. If you decide to send us such emails - your QualityTips4U subscription will be terminated, email address blocked & posted in "retards" section. There is easier way if you don't want to receive our tips anymore - just send "STOP" in message subject and that's it.

QualityTips4U is online for a long time and will be online for much longer - a few months below average or insults won't kill us, guaranteed.

Have a good weekend, cheers.

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