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01.02 - New month


January was a really bad month for QualityTips4U staff and subscribers. It is really hard to remember when was the last time when results were so retarded. We had at least 10 situations where we needed just one more goal and we had enough time but - nothing good happened.

January 2015 was the first month we ever finished with less than 50% correct tips so our Terms Of Service clause ("if we have less than 50% correct tips in 1 month period...") came to action for the first time ever. And, because interpretation was vague we've extended everyone's subscription, free of charge - all subscriptions, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month...

Anyway, our TOS (Terms Of Service) is now different so from 01.02.2015 - if we have less than 50% correct tips in 1 month period, QualityTips4U subscribers with 3 or more months (active, free subscription not included) subscription will get 1 month subscription free of charge. From now on - only people with 3+ months subscription will be eligible for the free extension. Also, if you decide to extend your subscription  or purchase new subscription after first half of current month, you are not eligible for free extension for that month (although you've purchased 3+ months subscription).

And just to add - our subscribers who decide to extend their subscription will get great bonus! If you extend your subscription for 3 months - you'll get 3 more months, free of charge! And this is also available for new subscribers. This promo is valid until 03.02.2015 @ 00:00 (CET).

Thanks for reading. 

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