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03.02.2014 - Info


Some people sent us emails such as: "Are you retarded, there were just two goals on match Genk - Oostende?". We don't want to reply to such emails but reply is, of course, pretty obvious. From now on, if you bother us with such retarded emails your QualityTips4U subscription will be terminated.

If you are QualityTips4U subscriber and you watched Genk - Oostende you could see that we had just 2 goals, but also - a missed penalty in 49th minute, crossbar in first half, disallowed goal in second half and another crossbar in the last minute. How is it our fault when retards can't score from 100% chances?

Please let us remind you that sharing our tips is not allowed and we have some ideas who is doing that. Subscribers who share our tips (on FB, Twitter, forums...) will be banned and their subscriptions will be terminated.

Subscribers who had less than 15 days of subscription before the end of January - your subscription will end in 6 days (on February 10th 2015). Because of vague subscription extension details, we had to extend all subscribers subscriptions. But, if you are our loyal subscriber and you want our tips - extend your subscription and you will get huge bonuses. We know that some of you will be pissed but - we don't want to send free tips to people who can't wait to talk trash about us and our service. This way, we'll filter our subscribers and keep only normal people who know that betting is not a "get rich fast" scheme.

From now on only people with 3+ months subscription are eligible for a free subscription extension (30 days) if we have less than 50% of correct tips in 1 month period (if you have 3 or more months subscription, you'll get a free extension for 1 month; subscribers with 2 months subscription will get 20 days of free extension; subscribers with 1 month subscription will get 10 days of free tips). We will, of course, offer you some great discounts and promos so you can get QualityTips4U subscription cheaper than usual. This "February promo" is available until 07.02.2015 00:00, and it is available for subscription extensions and for new subscribers. Prices can be found HERE.

Just to add - because of offline obligations there will be delay in our replies to your emails. If you want to extend your subscription or you want to become our subscriber, just write "Subscription" as message subject - such emails will have priority & will be replied as soon as possible and your subscription will be extended/activated in 1-3 hours. Everything will be back to normal most likely on Saturday evening.

Thank you for reading.

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