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23.02.2015 - The last week of February


Last few days were really good for us - 5 paid tips were available and 4 were correct. Also, 3/5 free tips were correct so we can say that weekend behind us was pretty good. We needed a weekend like this to get back on track and hopefully we'll continue the same way this week.

We don't have paid tip for Monday but free tip was posted HERE. Next paid tip is for Tuesday and will be sent on Monday afternoon. We will have paid tips for each day of this week and also free tips.

Now, a few words about changes we mentioned a few days ago. From April 1st our "free tips" will be also sent to our subscribers along with paid tips. Reason for this is simple - majority of our subscribers also use free tips for combos and this way it will be easier because you won't need to visit our website to find free tips. Also, from March 1st, only subscribers with 3+ months subscription will be eligible for free subscription extension if we finish 1 month period with less than 50% correct tips. Subscribers who got free extension because of January results and don't have a valid 3+ months subscription - your subscription will expire on February 28th (or sooner, depending on subscription you had).

To give everyone a chance to get long-term QualityTips4U subscription and be eligible for free subscription extension, our top offer is still available - if you purchase 3 months subsription, you will receive 3 more months (free of charge). So, you pay for 3 and you get 6 months of subscription. I think this offer is more than fair and it is available until March 6th 00:00. Prices can be found HERE.

Just to add that these rules & changes are final and emails questioning our decision will be ignored. If you want to become our subscriber or extend your subscription, check our prices, send required amount using your preferred payment method and after that send us an email with "Subscription" in subject field. Your subscription will be activated/extended immediately.

Thank you for reading, cheers.   

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