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20.03.2015 - 300 correct tips


Yesterday was a really important day for us at QualityTips4U - after more than year and a half of providing top quality betting tips to our subscribers and visitors we've reached number 300! Yes, that is 300 correct tips since we're online. Actually, it's 301 now since our tip for Friday was also correct. And let me tell you that these are only paid tips (free tips & basketball tips are not included in these stats). So, of 448 paid tips we sent you since QualityTips4U website went online 301 paid tips were correct and that gives us 67.19% success rate - not bad at all.

As always, I can promise you that we'll keep working even harder (and smarter) to keep finding the best possible tips for you and hopefully by the time we reach 400 correct tips our stats will be even better. I want to thank you all for staying with us all this time and for your support - we're here for you and we're here to stay for many, many years.

To celebrate this special day for QualityTips4U - discounts are available and will remain available until 22.03.2015 at 00:00. So, if you want to become our subscriber or extend your subscription - check our PRICES, next discount will be available before Easter.

Paid tips for Saturday & Sunday were sent to our subscribers a few hours ago (2 tips for each day) while 2 free tips for Saturday can be found HERE (free tips for Sunday will be posted tomorrow). And just to add that Friday was a perfect day for us: 1 paid football tip, 1 free football tip and 1 basketball tip - all correct. Let's continue the same way!

Wish you all a great weekend.


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