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11.05 - Updates & upcoming months


It is already May 11th and we already had 14 paid tips - 7 were correct so we are still at 50% success rate. When we talk about free tips - so far, we had 14 free tips and 9 were correct so we're at 64.29% success rate. We had 2 basketball tips in May and both were correct while we had below average success rate with our Combo Bets so far in May - stats and all info regarding our Combo Bets will be fully available in next couple of days (we're still trying to arrange everything so all people can see current combo bets, previous, current profit, overall profit...).

The first paid tip we had for this week was correct and hopefully we'll continue the same way - paid tips for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were already sent to our subscribers. Paid tips for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be sent on Thursday night (1 for Friday & 2 for Saturday & 2 for Sunday).

I will take this chance to introduce to you our special package - Copa America 2015 package. As you know, Copa America 2015 will start on June 11th and will end on July 4th. This will be a special competition since we have at least 4 (of 12) national teams with highest aspiration and we should see 26 top quality matches in Chile this summer. So, our Copa America 2015 package will cover everything:

* You will receive at least 1 tip per game (sometimes more, such as yellow cards + goals...)
* You will receive detailed reports about everything concerning our bets (form, previous duels, pitch condition, weather condition, first-hand info, player statements,,,,)
* You will receive a direct link for every match, in HD and with English commentary.
* All tips will be delivered to you at least 12 hours before kick-off.
* We will add more useful things to our website to make your betting & watching of Copa America even more enjoyable.

Copa America 2015 package is available for purchase as a separate package (since it will consist of much more than our usual paid tips) and can be purchased by everyone (you don't need to be our subscriber already to purchase it). Price for Copa America 2015 package will be lower until May 17, after that day price will go up and this package will be available until June 11th. Special promo is also available until May 17 - if you subscribe for QualityTips4U paid tips for 3 or more months package - you will get Copa America 2015 package for FREE! So, check our PRICES now!

* Just to make things clear - if you are already our subscriber and your QualityTips4U subscription will be active during Copa America 2015, you will receive Copa America tips but not all - you'll receive 5 tips + at least 2 more tips from other competitions (as you can see in our TOS, during summer months guaranteed number of paid tips in June & July is 7). But, if you want you can extend your subscription for 3+ months & get Copa America 2015 package for free or you can purchase Copa America 2015 package only.

Thank you for reading.

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