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21.06 - Current stats & updates

Hello subscribers and visitors.

As you all know, season in majority of European football leagues is over and there are only a few less popular leagues available. That is why we had just 7 standard paid football tips for far and 4 were correct. Situation is better with free football tips - we had 13 free tips in June so far and 10 were correct. We only had 1 basketball tip and it was correct (1/1). There are less matches and tips than usual but Copa America 2015 and our special package was really popular and we did a really good job so far - 14 of 20 tips were correct, including really big odds such as 3 and 4.

We'll continue the same way and we'll have tips for ALL remaining Copa America games (we'll also have more than 1 tip per game in final phase of this tournament). Also, we'll have at least 5 more classic paid tips and 5-8 free football tips.

It's June 21st and summer begins today - that is why we decided to offer you the best promo packages and the biggest discounts ever! Please check our PRICES and see what we have to offer - and just to add, if you subscribe for ANY (1+ months) subscription package now you'll also get all our remaining Copa America 2015 tips for FREE! And that is not all - if you subscribe for 3+ months, you'll start receiving all our tips immediately but your subscription will officially start on 01.09.2015 so you'll get more than 2 months of subscription for FREE!

Another new thing is - from now on, with any QualityTips4U paid tips subscription, you will receive our Combo Bets free of charge (this promo will end without previous notice).

If you have any questions regarding our promos & discounts - feel free to contact us via Live Support or email ( and we'll reply in up to 15 minutes.

I must also mention huge problems we had with our email servers - somehow, all our received & sent emails and mailing lists were deleted/removed on 18.06.2015. It was not our fault and we did our best to recover all previous emails and mailing lists. However, we couldn't. Luckily, we have all email addresses of our previous & current subscribers written down in a PDF file and we contacted everyone - people who replied were immediately added back to new emailing list & we didn't want to bother people who haven't replied. Anyway, because we had 2 mailing lists (one for standard paid tips & one for Copa America tips) some of our tips weren't sent to our subscribers because we just couldn't figure out in time who is subscribed for what. After more than a few days of confusion and huge efforts to find all transaction details from payment processors, we were able to (hopefully) solve this problem for good. We apologize for this mess but it was a great lesson and such things won't happen ever again - all subscribers received 15 days subscription extension for free.

Thank you for reading, wish you all the best and happy holidays!

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