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Best women football teams to bet on

Best Women Football Teams To Bet On

Women football started in England about a century ago, much later than the men’s football. The women football was structured just as the men’s football and rules of the game were almost similar. The game progressed with at an amazing pace in the beginning of the twentieth century and became quite popular all over England. After that came the dark period of the game and it went into decline in the mid twentieth century and this decline continue till the 90’s. In the 1990’s the game was revived and from that day onwards it’s blooming at a really rapid pace.

As the game progressed the number of spectators has also increased and with the increase of spectators the number of people betting on the sport also increased. People started betting on women football in great numbers. There are so many international teams in women football at this time that people get confused which team to choose for betting. The following four teams are the best teams to bet on in women football.

3: USA:

The United States women football team is the top team in the world, there is no team that could equal the US team in quality of play. USA has invested huge sums of cash in women football and that investment is paying off as USA has played most of the women football world cup finals in the last two decades and also won most of these final matches. So they are the best option for betting in women football because USA ensures confirmed returns.

2: Japan:

Japan has emerged as the second best team in women football because of their performance in the last football world cup. Japan came up suddenly and this year they have proved once again as they reached the world Cup final again this year. Japan is the best team to bet on because Japan tends to amaze the world and they have been doing this for a really long time. The Japanese team’s victories have made people good money through football betting and this will continue in future.

1: England:

The English team is the best option because they have done against the odds and gotten themselves third place in the world cup. No one thought England will perform this well and in the end from England’s victory many people were able to win great cash. England will continue this form for the next few years and that’s make them the best team in women football betting

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