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31.08.2015 - September preview

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers & our visitors.

August is almost over and it's time to sum up our results. We had 39 paid tips in August and 22 were correct, that is 56.41% success rate; we had 34 free tips, 20 were correct and that is 58.82 success rate. When it comes to our Combo Bets - we had 9 combos (45 units staked), 2 were correct (48.15 units returned) so we had +3.15 units profit this month. And just to add - 1 basketball tip was available and it was correct.

What can you expect in September? Well, we will have at least 30 paid tips, 6 combos and 30+ free tips. Also, NFL season will start soon so - we will have 4+ NFL tips for each round. And, of course, European basketball championship will be played in September - we'll have lots of tips for you.

Now, about Combo Bets - since March, our Combo Bets were in beta testing phase and it's now time to officially add this to our service. We had a nice promo last 2 months, all people who subscribed for QualityTips4U paid tips service got our Combo Bets free of charge. This promo is now extended until the last day of September and after that Combo Bets will be paid separately - if you like our Combo Bets, make sure you subscribe for our paid tips service & get Combo Bets for free!

Also, big discounts were available but this is now over - however, another nice promo is available. If you now subscribe (or extend your subscription) for 3+ months, you'll get all our tips for September for free meaning that your subscription will officially start on October 1st although you'll receive all September tips. Check our PRICES.

Thank you for reading & for your support.

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