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28.09.2015 - News & Updates

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers and visitors.

September is almost over and it's time to sum up our results for this month. Although it looked like we'll finish this month with less than 50% success rate - that won't be the case, thanks to 5 correct paid tips in a row and 6/7 in last 7 days. We have 2 more paid football tips for September and these tips will be sent to our subscribers tonight. So far, we had 32 Free Tips in September and 22 were correct (68.75) and 3 more tips will be posted. We had 7 Combo Bets in September - total stake was 35 units (5 per combo), total return is 49.25 units which means that we finished this month with profit of +14.25 units. NFL season started 3 weeks ago and we already had 11 NFL tips - 8 correct. And let's finish with basketball tips - 13 tips were available in September, 11 were correct (84.61).

Although there will be 2 more paid football & 3 free tips in September, we can say that this month was pretty good for us and that we made nice profit. It could have been better but in some situations luck was not on our side. However, that's sports betting and I'm confident that we'll do much better in next period.

Now, a few words about October - we should have 28-35 paid football tips, 30-35 free tips, 6-10 Combo Bets, 5-10 basketball and 6-12 NFL tips. Betting previews will be back (after NT break) for majority of our tips and we will most likely add one more category of tips - last minute bet. We are still working on this but I can say that "last minute bet" will be totally unique service, odds will be 2.50 and above and these tips will be based on last minute infos, co-operation between clubs & similar. We expect this service to start in 2nd half of October and will be free of charge for all subscribers with 6+ months subscription.

And just a few more words about our September promo - this promo will end on September 30th and you can still subscribe for our service (or extend your subscription) and get many things for free! So, in next 3 days, people who subscribe for 3+ months will get our paid tips plus Combo Bets, Basketball and NFL tips free of charge, Also, if you subscribe for 3+ months, you'll get 1 more month free of charge! Starting from October 1st, Combo Bets, NFL & Basketball tips will be sold separately so  now is the best time for you to subscribe or to extend your subscription. You can find our prices HERE.

Thank you for reading & for your support.

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