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15.12 - Preview & important info

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers & visitors.

In just 16 days, this year will be over and we will start our 4th year with you - that is a big thing and not too many similar services can tell such a thing. We had ups and downs but after all, when you check all the results - we are doing a solid job and many subscribers with long term subscriptions are the best proof possible that we're doing a good job helping you win money. It's still too early to sum up our December & 2015 results so I'll just tell you what can you expect from us in next 6 days. Paid tip for Tuesday is available, paid tip for Wednesday also - we will most likely have 1 for Thursday and then as always 1 for Friday, 2 for Saturday & 2 for Sunday. 1 basketball tip for Friday will be sent, 2 Combo Bets for Saturday & Sunday and at least 3 NFL tips for Sunday. Of course, we will have free tips every day.

Now, an important info for all of you - as you know, we always try to be different than other similar services, we are trying constantly to add new things to our website, more tips, more discounts & offers to make our service as approachable as possible. One of the best offers we launched and had it available for more than a year is "Buy 1, get 1 free" offer. A lot of our subscribers liked this offer and extended subscription, even a couple of times although they had more than a year remaining - we thank you for your support & trust. However, when you sum things up and see that with this offer you can get our subscription for a price much lower than similar services charge (for much worse & unverified tips, if I may add), from 18.12.2015 "Buy 1, get 1 free" offer won't be available any more, ever again. We will have discounts from time to time but we won't add this offer back. As you can see, you still have plenty of time remaining to extend your subscription or to subscribe for our service and get your order doubled. This is pretty much the last chance for you to subscribe for our service for a long term for low price and get our full package (paid football tips, NFL & Basketball, Combo Bets & LM Bets). If interested, check our PRICES.

And just to add, Mystery Bonus is still available and we're adding weeks/months free of charge to all subscribers who extend or subscribe for our service in December.

Thank you for reading, have a great week.

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