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02.01 - Happy New Year!

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers & visitors.

First of all, on behalf of QualityTips4U team and myself, I wish you a happy New Year! I hope that 2016. will be much better than 2015. was for all of us and will bring us good health, happiness and big wins.

Now, a few about changes at QualityTips4U (our subscribers were informed about these changes a few days ago) - starting from today, we're adding another category of tips, Doubles. Our Doubles will consist of 2 pretty safe bets with odds 1.40-1.60 and these odds combined will give us 2.00 or more so we should be able to double our money pretty often. Doubles will be sent to our subscribers with suggested stake and we will keep track on how much we have invested and how much we earn. As you know, majority of our Free Tips odds were in the range of 1.40-1.60 so now bigger part of these tips will be used for Doubles meaning that we'll have much less Free Tips in 2016. than we had in past.

Another important addition is - NBA tips. We will have at least 1 NBA tip each week and with our standard European basketball tips (1 per week) we'll have a nice amount of basketball tips in this year. I just want to use this chance and welcome back our basketball guy Michael - glad to see you in action again, hope this year will be impressive! More good news for our subscribers is - we'll have tips for all NFL play-off matches.

Just to add - winners of the December edition of QualityTips4U lottery are chosen and can be found HERE. Congratulations!

A few words about upcoming tips - paid football tip for today & double are available, for tomorrow 3 NFL tips, paid football tip, LM Bet & double. From Monday - we'll have basketball tips, paid football tips, Doubles...

If you want to subscribe for our service check our PRICES - for the price of paid football tips, you will get our full package: NFL, Basketball, Combo Bets, LM Bets & Doubles. Also, discounts are available - the longer subscription you take, the bigger discount you get! Depending on subscription period you want, you can get discount of up to 30%! Contact us if you need more info regarding this promo, available until 11.01.2016.

Thank you for reading, cheers!

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