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12.01 - Weekend preview & NFL

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers & visitors.

This year started pretty slow (when we talk about our paid football tips) but Tuesday brought us back on track and I'm pretty confident that we'll continue the same way in the upcoming days.

Paid tip & Double for Wednesday were sent a few minutes ago, Free Tip posted and now a few words about the next 4 days - LM Bet for Thursday (+ paid football tip & NBA), paid football tip for Friday + basketball tip + Double, 2 paid football tips for Saturday + LM Bet + NFL + NBA + Combo + Double, 2 paid football tips for Sunday + LM Bet + Double + Combo + 3 NFL tips. Free tips will be posted but right now I can't say how many tips & when. As you can see, lots of tips are available but the main focus is on NFL since we had 4/4 last weekend and we'll try to continue the same way. Here's the preview of NFL 1/4-finals QualityTips4U subscribers received a few moments ago.

* NE Patriots VS KC Chiefs - although Pats finished regular season with 2 defeats in a row, they will welcome back a few important players after injuries. Were those defeats a part of Belichick's tactic? The Chiefs are in great form and after trashing Texans last week, can they make a huge surprise and grab a win in Boston? Alex Smith & his boys are ready but is that enough?

* AZ Cardinals VS GB Packers - Arizona was one of the biggest positive surprises this season and their fans were already screaming "Super Bowl" but then a humiliating defeat at their field happened, Seattle (let's use Jeff Probst line here) managed to outwit, outplay and outlast the Cardinals. Can they bounce back? This season was a roller coaster ride for the Packers and their fans but when things mattered the most Rodgers & his boys showed they have more than enough balls to deal with everything - proud cheese or grilled cheese?

* CAR Panthers VS SEA Seahawks - there are surprises in NFL every single week, there are big surprises every season, and there is a miracle and Panthers players are the miracle workers. If someone said before season start that Panthers will be at the top of National Conference that guy would be escorted to the nuthouse immediately. But, Cam Newton and his boys were defeated just once (!) and they are entering 1/4-finals with huge confidence, eager to add yet another scalp to their trophy room. This season was really tough for the Seahawks, it looked all the way that they still can't forget last year's final and the huge mistake in the closing minutes. However, they showed strength when it mattered the most and the question is - can they finally forget the last Super Bowl?

* DEN Broncos VS PIT Steelers - ohh, don't worry, Manning is the man! Well, that proved to be wrong when play-offs started last season and although the Broncos were dominant in regular season, the play-offs proved to be too much for them. This season - below expectations, Manning lost in space, Osweiler showed potential but nothing more than that. The last game day showed that experience is important and the question is - can Manning go to the hall of fame with a bang? How to describe this season for the Steelers other than - beaten up? Lots of injuries, lots of crazy defeats, lots of crazy wins. Is the big Ben Roethlisberger capable of putting his team through the eye of a needle once again or he and his boys will get (deserved) rest?

If you want all our tips - check our PRICES and subscribe for the full package. I can guarantee - you will be satisfied!

Thank you for reading.

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