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01.03 - March preview

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers & visitors.

It's March already and it is the time to see what we will have in the next 31 days. First of all, let me inform you that our Combo Bets are currently paused because they were unprofitable in the last couple of months. Because of that, we will add more doubles & we're adding a brand new category - "10 weekend tips". Our latest addition will consist of at least 10 tips for Saturday-Sunday period, odds won't be less than 1.70 and this addition is mainly for people who love systems & want more tips for multiple bets.

Now, a few words about upcoming tips - we will have the usual amount of paid tips (9 for the first week of March) plus LM Bets, plus at least 15 Doubles, at least 5 basketball tips & lots of "10 Weekend Tips". Of course, we will post free tips as often as possible. We've already sent paid tip & Double for the first day of March while free tip can be found HERE.

This is our 32nd month since we launched QualityTips4U and because of that discounts of up to 30% are available - you can find our prices HERE and these discounts will be available for a few more days.

Just a reminder that QualityTips4U service is verified & approved by BettingAdvice and although their Surveillance is currently offline, we are still sending our tips to BA. If you are visiting BA Forum, please check for the old & approved services, don't sign-up for the new services since they're not verified by any means and lots of scammers are present at the moment. Don't get me wrong, this is just a friendly advice.

And I want to congratulate to our winners of February edition of QualityTips4U lottery!

Thank you for reading & visiting our website.

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