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22.07 - CL package & our 3rd anniversary!

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers and visitors.

A few days ago, our subscribers got an email with the latest news and info so I wanted to also post it here so everyone can see it. Anyway, this upcoming weekend is pretty much the beginning of new betting season for us since a few interesting leagues will start and every week we'll have more and more games available meaning - more tips. After a while, we'll have 2 paid tips for Saturday & 2 more for Sunday so yeah, it's on.

Another important news is - our latest addition, Champions League package. We talked about it in our previous posts but now we have some more detailed info. As you probably know, with our Champions League package, we will cover each and every CL game, starting from group stage and up until the final game on June 3rd 2017. in Cardiff. This means that we will have 125 CL tips! This package will be sold separately soon, but now it is FREE OF CHARGE for people who subscribe (or extend their subscription) for 6 or 12 months of our service. I know that we all love to watch CL matches, but having a quality tip & info for each game and watching it with a beer in your hand? Priceless. Want even more? We've decided to cover even all the qualifying CL matches remaining - so, for 26-27.07.2016 we'll have 15 tips!

I also wanted to let you all know that our Free Tips are back after a short break and from now on we'll have 4-10 free tips each week and it is a good thing if you need some combo material since odds of our free tips are between 1.40 and 1.70.

Another thing I'm extremely proud of - baseball tips. Since we started sending baseball tips to our subscribers 3 months ago, we've had 100 tips and 74 were correct! And the average odd is about 2.00! Great result, much better than some specialized baseball services offer. We'll continue sending baseball tips as much as we can till season ends but rest assured that we'll give our best to even improve our stats!

In just a few weeks, the Olympics will start and we'll cover as much events as possible. Primarily, I'm talking about basketball tips (we should have lots of tips) but we will also have some football and tennis tips. The new NFL season will also start soon, pre-season actually, but we'll have lots of tips before actual season starts. When it does (on September 8th) we'll have a tip for EACH game (play-offs included) and this package is currently free of charge with some types of QualityTips4U subscription (just like CL & Olympics).

And finally, just a few words about a date that is so important to us - August 2nd. On August 2nd 2016. QualityTips4U will be 3 years old! How many similar services you know have been online for such a long time? Majority of betting tips services show up and close after a few months but we are proud to say that on August 2nd we will be among just a few services with such a long history. We had ups and downs, we made lots of mistakes but - we always give our best to make our service as good & as profitable as possible, to add new things often, to offer variety of tips & subscription types and to suit everyone's needs. And most important thing is - we're still online, and we will be online for many more years - this is just the beginning!

I am sorry for such a long post but all these news required some space. Anyway, hope you like what you've read and if you want to subscribe for our service (or extend your subscription) please make sure you check our PRICES - lots of our birthday promos & discounts are available until 02.08.2016.

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