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02.08 - Our 3rd Birthday!

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers and visitors.

Three years ago, on this day, QualityTips4U went online and we've started this project with huge amount of enthusiasm. In the beginning it was pretty tough since there are hundreds of sports betting tips services and majority are there just to scam people for a few dollars so we had to show everyone that we are different. It was a tough task but after half a year, our subscribers base began to grow and in 2014 we've got our "APPROVED" badge from BettingAdvice. That was a confirmation of our hard & honest work. During the past 36 months, we've had some great months, we had some awful months, we made lots of mistake but continued to give all we have with just one goal - to improve our service. As a result, we've added lots of new categories, tips from different sports, Live Support, Lottery and many more but our latest addition CL package is a complete hit since our results so far are great & our subscribers just love having lots of CL tips. And, after 3 years, we're still online, still replying all emails in up to 15 minutes, still trying to make our service as profitable & as affordable as possible and we are here to stay for many, many more years!

I want to thank all people who visited our website in the last 3 years, all people who visit our website daily to check our free tips and the biggest "thank you" goes to our current subscribers - thank you so much for your support and understanding! As always, we will be here for you 24/7 and we'll always give our best to make our service as good & as profitable as possible.

As part of our 3rd birthday celebration, discounts & promo offers are available and  prices can be found HERE. Another post with some details regarding CL package is HERE. And just to add - people who subscribe for our service or extend their subscription today will get a gift from us - up to 3 months of full QualityTips4U subscription, free of charge! If you have some questions regarding our birthday promo or our service in general, feel free co contact us via email ( or Live Support.

Again, thank you all for being a part of QualityTips4U in the last 3 years and rest assured that this is just the beginning - we'll celebrate many more birthdays together with you and we'll keep on improving our service!

Thank you for reading, cheers!

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