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10.09 - NFL is BACK!

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers and visitors.

In this post, we will focus on NFL but previously a few words about the last few days & the next few days. As you know, national football teams break was on the schedule and because of that we've had less tips than usual and our success rate is not something we can brag with so far in September (2/7 paid football tips). However, we've had 5 Free Tips and all 5 were correct and the average odd is 1.77! Seven baseball tips were available in September so far and 6 were good! Clubs will be back on the pitch after this short break and I am sure that our results will be much better, starting from Friday and we will have lots of paid football tips, Doubles & LM Bets & Free Tips for you!

Now, American Football - NFL, one of the most amazing sports - is back after 6 months! Our long-term subscribers know that we love to bet on NFL (we've had 100 NFL tips since we started and 63 were correct!) and this season will be special for all QualityTips4U subscribers since we will have more NFL tips than ever! At least 5 NFL tips for every gameday + a tip for EACH play-off game! You like this? Hope you do! NFL package is free of charge with some QualityTips4U subscription types so make sure you check our PRICES and subscribe for NFL tips - the first tip is for the season opener!

Thank you all for reading and as always - if you have some questions regarding QualityTips4U service feel free to contact us 24/7 via Live Chat or email.

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