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03.10 - Our latest addition

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers & visitors.

As you know, National Teams break is on the schedule in the next 10-11 days and just a few less popular football leagues will be available. We all love national teams, we love to cheer for our country, we love to drink beer and yell when our players score. Yes, we all love that. However, when national teams are playing there is not enough betting material for all people who love plenty of options & tips - so, usually, NT breaks suck in terms of tips quantity.

Well, that will change, at least here at QualityTips4U. From now on, whenever NT break is on the schedule - we'll have the same number of tips, just like when clubs are playing! This means that for every NT break we will have 10+ tips and this tips package will be called NTG (National Team Games). This package will be free of charge for all newcomers & for all existing subscribers with full QualityTips4U subscription. We will mainly cover WC qualifiers but we will also add some friendly games.

Now, a short preview for this week. Paid football tips will be available for each day of this week (Monday 1 tip, Tuesday 1, Wednesday 1, Thursday 2, Friday 2, Saturday 3, Sunday 3), we'll have 7+ baseball tips, 4+ basketball tips, 3+ Doubles & 8+ NFL tips.

As you can see, this will be an interesting week with lots of tips & available discounts so it is a good time to check our PRICES, become our subscriber & start winning!

* And just a quick info regarding LM Bets - from October 1st, we're merging LM Bets with standard paid football tips. We'll make some changes to LM Bets (more tips, bigger odds) and "new" LM Bets will be back in a month or so.

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