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01.12 - EcoPayz

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers and visitors.

December is here and so is the snow & cold (well, at least in Europe) but don't worry - we'll have plenty of tips & promos & new additions to keep you at home and worm.

So, the first thing we decided to do in December is - to add a new payment processor. As you probably know, members from some countries recently experienced problems with both Skrill & Neteller. Due to their new policy, people from certain countries are no longer allowed to use or have Skrill & Neteller MasterCards. That is a big blow and we understand that lots of people are pissed with this (we are too). However, these 2 processors are not the only ones out there. That is why we did some "detective" work and decided to add a new payment processor - EcoPayz. It is just like any other payment processor out there, lots of bookmakers accept it and the best thing is - they offer a free MasterCard, for people from all continents & countries! We also arranged a special deal for all people who visit our website & want to join EcoPayz (for free, of course) - follow our instructions when joining EcoPayz and you'll get EcoPayz Gold account free of charge! Benefits of Gold account are great, just to name a few - no fees when sending money to another EcoPayz member, just 1.49% currency conversion rate, 1500e daily ATM limit... Sounds great and it really is - we tested everything and it works like charm! So, if you want to join EcoPayz, click HERE and follow our step-by-step instruction - if you need some help, feel free to contact us 24/7.

Thank you for reading.

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