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COD - Combo On Demand

Many people love to bet and that is a fact. The best way to bet & keep your chances of winning as high as possible is to bet on singles. However, majority of bettors love to place a few combo (accumulator) bets and try to get nice money for a small investment. That is where our Combo On Demand (COD) kicks in. From today (23.12.2016) COD service is officially active and you can purchase COD credits from now on (all payment processors we use are accepted, for more info check our PRICES page).

As you know, our website is online for more than 3 years (3 years & 5 months to be exact) and there is one question we constantly get - where are combo bets? To satisfy your needs, we added lots of tips from different sports, doubles, CL Combos... But, COD (Combo On Demand) will be the solution for you.

Here is how COD works - if you like combo bets and you want us to create combos for you, you'll have to buy COD credits (the more credits you buy, the price will be lower). Then, you simply contact us and say that you want a combo for today or tomorrow or any other day of the week (or a combo for each day). We will confirm your request, take 1 credit (per combo) from your account and we will send you a combo bet. That is it.

* COD is NOT a standard service we provide, it is for people who love combo bets & will be provided only to people who subscribe for COD.

* COD overall odd will never be less than 3 (for example 1.5*1.5*1.8=4.05) and usually more than that.

*  Only QualityTips4U subscribers can purchase COD credits at the moment, COD credits will be assigned to your email address (QualityTips4U account) and only you can use them.

* COD credits will expire once your QualityTips4U subscription expires.

The prices of COD (Combo On Demand) credits are:

* 5 credits = 100e
* 10 credits = 150e
* 20 credits = 250e
* 50 credits = 500e

A separate category just for COD stats is HERE and although COD will be (most likely) used by a small percent of our subscribers, stats page can be a good referrence for future subscribers.

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