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EcoPayz - How to register

1. Click on this link:

There you select EcoPayz (just click on EcoPayz logo to the right). Here you can see some of the benefits you will get, above all - your account will be upgraded to Gold for FREE!

Or, you can click here:

Now, scroll down a bit and click on "EcoPayz registration". New window will open - fill out the form and submit. And, that's it! Your EcoPayz account is up. (skip this step if you already have EcoPayz account and just continue to step 3.)

3. Now, you can return to the previous page and sign up for eWallet-Optimizer service - fill out the form using the same info you used when registering EcoPayz account and in "partner code" add QT4U (that is our code, to give you additional benefits) and submit.

4. In a few seconds, you will receive emails from eWallet-Optimizer & EcoPayz, asking for personal ID photo (or drivers license or passport) & utility bill. Send these to eWallet-Optimizer (they will send you detailed info via email) because this way the process will be much faster and your account will be immediately upgraded. If you send pics to eWallet-Optimizer you don't need to send it again to EcoPayz - they'll promptly forward it.

5. You will receive 2 confirmation emails from EcoPayz, 1st one saying that your account is created & functional and 2nd saying that your account is now EcoPayz Gold.

6. Login to your EcoPayz gold, verify email address & confirm your address and that is it. Now you can immediately apply for EcoCard (instant approval) and you can upload funds and start making transactions.

7. That is it, you don't have to worry about Skrill & Neteller, you're fully covered! Just to add that it is important to use "QT4U" when registering with eWallet-Optimizer because using our code will speed up the process, you will get EcoPayz Gold account immediately after verification and that means sending money without fees, 1.49% currency conversion fee, $1500 daily ATM limit & just $3 per ATM withdrawal and much more. Also note that when you join eWallet-Optimizer you wll start receiving % of all transactions you make using EcoPay (and other payment processors, if you connect them too).

If you have any questions regarding EcoPayz please feel free to contact us 24/7 and we will reply immediately - we can also guide you step-by-step if you need assistance setting up your EcoPayz account.

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