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Premier League laying down Betting Conundrums this Season

The wonderful thing about football is that sometimes a turnaround in a team’s
fortunes can be traced back to a single event. As Chelsea trudged off at half-time
at the Emirates in September, trailing 3-0 to Arsenal, few could have predicted
what happened next; Chelsea manager Antonio Conte made the change to three
at the back, shoring up the defence for the remainder of the game. He stuck with
the system, and subsequently went on a blistering run to the top of the league –
Chelsea’s record since that change of formation? P8, W8. Goals scored 22, Goals
against 2. That’s impressive to say the least.

So does the answer the question  which team will win the Premier League?  The
fact that Chelsea has dispatched close rivals, such as Tottenham and Manchester
City, with relative ease recently, coupled with an easy run of fixtures over the
crucial Christmas period, may point to a resounding ‘yes’. But as most punters
know, things could turn sour for Chelsea just as quickly as they picked up
recently. Gary Neville, among others, has pointed to the fact that the quality in
the Premier League has really picked up this season. The margin of error among
the top clubs is so slim that the smallest tweak could lead to a massive change
in results.

This season defined by managers and tactics like no other

Indeed, it could be argued that with Klopp, Conte, Guardiola and Pochettino in
charge of leading clubs tactics play more of a role than ever in deciding games.
Tactics matter, it is one of the reasons so many punters are placing bets on  live 
in-play football matches for a variety of competitions . Subtle changes within
games can have a big impact on the result, and as a consequence, the outcome
of an entire season. It is not just the big clubs either. Take struggling West Ham
for example, in a close run match against a top club they could bring on their not
so secret weapon – Andy Carroll. Sometimes all the tiki-taka in the world counts
for nothing against this human battering ram. Slight changes of approach in any
game, for small and big clubs, can lead to unforeseen changes in results.

The point is this, although the quality of the Premier League has improved,
teams are still working out their systems, and counter-systems. Yes, this Chelsea
team is blowing away the opposition at the moment, but there will also come a
point where clubs have worked out how to counter their system effectively. There
are also clubs who have not yet worked out their best system, but have the
undeniable quality to go on a run when it finally clicks. Although it is fashionable
to criticise them, Manchester United fit this description. In Pogba, Mkhitaryan,
Ibrahimovic, Martial, Rashford and others they have the nucleus of a Premier
League winning squad, it simply hasn’t clicked yet. Punters that dismiss any side
at this early stage are probably among the same bunch that dismissed Leicester
City at the end of last season.

Chelsea still looking like top dogs in the race for the Premier League​

So, where should you put your money? Not to sound contradictive, but it looks
like the stars are aligned in favour of Chelsea. The lack of distraction of European
football, coupled with a system that seems to get the best out of Costa and
Hazard, means that they should be rightfully regarded as favourites. But beware;
things could change in an instant. A couple of injuries, or tactical move by
another club and we could be talking about Chelsea as yesterday’s news.

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