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06.01.2017 - Yearly preview & discount

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers & visitors.

First of all, let me wish you all a happy New Year! On behalf of QualityTips4U team, in New Year I wish you good health, happiness and success on all fields and everything else will come with that.

Now, a few words about 2016 - it was a great year for us. I don't have to say anything more, you can just check our results in 2016 and you will see that we were very successful. Football tips were great, Doubles gave us nice profit almost each month, NFL tips were steady and sometimes amazing (I still remember our 6/6 weekends), basketball tips were OK and free tips were solid. In the last month of 2016 we added NBA & NHL and we had more than great results in December. All in all, our overall success rate in 2016 was about 75% and we've got profit in our pockets - that's all that matters.

We have big plans for 2017 and I am sure that, me and my team, we'll will give 110% to further improve our results and service in general. We'll keep everything that was good and add more - more tips, more sports, more staff members & we'll continue setting the standards in this industry and with your support and help, I'm sure we can become the best & biggest service! I have big plans & I can assure you - 2017 will be a year to remember!

A few words about upcoming weekend - majority of leagues are still on winter break, but we'll have 1 paid football tip for Friday, 2 for Saturday & 2 for Sunday. Plus, we'll have a basketball tip for Friday & 1 double for Saturday & 1 for Sunday. Also, we're covering all NFL Wild Card games, that should be fun to watch. And, of course, 1 NBA & 1 NHL tip will be available each day.

And to take a chance and wish a Merry Christmas to all people who celebrate on 07.01.2017! We have subscribers from Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and many other countries so - have a wonderful weekend and spend it with your loved ones! And, since we had big Christmas in December, we'll have it again for Orthodox people so - up to 25% discount is available until 07.01.2017 and with every subscription (extension) we'll give you a bonus (free days, COD Credits, NBA & NHL...)! If you like this discount - check our PRICES.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!   

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