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02.08.2017 - Our 4th Birthday!

Hello QualityTips4U subscribers and visitors.

On this day, 4 years ago, QualityTips4U opened it's virtual doors to you and since then, day after day, more and more people started visiting our website every day. Soon after, you started to subscribe for our service and with each month, we became better and stronger. Now, when I compare QualityTips4U from 2013 and QualityTips4U now - there is huge difference. Not so much in website design (well, that remained the same) but in number of visitors each day and number of subscribers we currently have.

I want to thank you all for that - you make QualityTips4U strong and one of the most popular & trusted websites in this business.

As you know, we are always trying to add new things and offer you more tips so we will stay on the same course - we will give our best to provide you with good & as many tips as possible. 4 years ago, now, and for many more years to come.

QualityTips4U started on August 2nd because this month is the official begining of football season in Europe and because of that - QualityTips4U betting season starts now! From now on, we will have 5-15 football tips each week, doubles will be back soon and also free tips. Our subscribers are receiving MLB tips every day and pretty soon basketball tips will be back too - we will cover EuroBasket 2017 and after that EuroLeague and later - NBA. In September, NFL will be back so we'll have lots of NFL tips each week (even more than last season) and we will cover all play-off games. Of course, NHL will be also covered (5+ tips per week) and US Open (tennis).

As you can see, this will be more than interesting season and I guarantee - we will give our best to make it the best ever! In order to do so, we'll be hiring 1 or 2 tipsters and we'll offer co-operation to a few similar services covering different sports - more info will be available soon.

And finally, birthday celebration is nothing without presents so we have a great offer for you - subscribe now (or extend) and you can get up to 20% discount and up to 90 days of subscription FREE OF CHARGE! For more info please check our PRICES and contact us - we will explain everything. Our email address is and you can also contact us via Live Support from next Monday.

Thank you for reading and let's have a great season! 

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